Climate Novena: April 24

We recognize, with Pope Francis and people of faith everywhere, that climate change is a moral issue that threatens creation, places added burdens on poor people, and compromises the common good of all. As Earth Day quickly approaches, as does the Climate March and the Feast of our Dominican St. Catherine of Siena, the Paris 2015 and Beyond Committee of the DSC has prepared a Climate Novena that will take us from the Eve of Earth Day to April 29th, which is both St. Catherine’s feast, and the day of the Climate March. We know that Catherine our sister would approve.

Each page will have sections entitled Pray, Study, Act. We invite you to participate as you are able, and to share this freely with others. The Dominican Sisters Conference is grateful to the Committee for their work in making this Climate Novena possible.

Please click here for the April 24, 2017 Climate Novena.