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Futuring Cohort



The Futuring Leadership Team is a core group of the Dominican Sisters Conference which fosters and coordinates communication, collaboration, and visioning for the future of our shared Dominican mission, especially among the sisters under seventy, in order to reimagine and rekindle the quality and witness of vowed Dominican life and the Holy Preaching now and into the future.


FLT Updates

  • The Futuring Leadership Team enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Racine Dominicans as they gathered for a weekend of planning and team building on February 23-25, 2024.  Facilitated by Racine Dominican Associate Doug Gundlach, the team took a long loving look at the work of the FLT, its changing dynamics with the increased participation of the cohort in working groups, and the ongoing urgency experienced in individual congregations as they address future needs.

    Informed by prayer centered around the readings of the Second Sunday of Lent, the group considered their roles as liaisons to the working groups and identified priorities for future funding of initiatives arising from the groups.  Much hope is found in considering the working groups for Interculturality, Dominican Spirituality and Theology, Listening to the Voice of Earth, Bridging Polarities and Vocation and Youth Collaboration that are dedicated to identifying and informing the ways we desire to be in mission together, and the Future Pathways Group that is researching structural implications and considering viable options for future pathways.

    We look forward to collaborating with the working groups to find the best ways for each to share their insights and assist the cohort in stepping into the realities that come from the work they are addressing. 

    We considered how the Futuring Leadership Team might best serve the spectrum of our relationships: among the cohort members, within each congregation, with the DSC Executive Committee and DSC Leadership Teams, as we all aspire to be faithful Dominican women attentive to the urgings of the Holy Spirit within and among us.  In addition, we engaged in anticipatory planning for the changes in our team composition as three members complete their three-year term this summer.  Kathleen Ann Tait (Springfield),  Mai-dung Nguyen  (Peace) and Donna Maria Moses (Mission San Jose) will complete their terms at the end of June.  Lorraine Reaume (Adrian) and Pat Magee (Hope) will continue to serve along with the new members who joined the team this year: Cathy Buchanan (Peace), Annie Killian (Peace), and Lystra Long (Sinsinawa).  Doug engaged us in a Praise Buffet, a ritual of naming our gratitude for the gifts of one another, that enabled us to specifically verbalize our deep thanks to Kathleen, Donna and Mai-dung for all of their contributions to this leadership team and to the cohort, for the congregations that form us, and the collaboration of the Dominican Sisters Conference. Together we all negotiate the liminal space that is our reality in and through the Mystery of the God who calls us and inspires our faithful responses.

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