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Futuring Leadership Team

FLT Updates

  • What are the potential next steps for developing a vision with the Cohort?  Some vital initial steps have been completed. The DSC secured a generous grant from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) to fund the futuring project. Regular channels of communication between the FLT and the DSC executive committee, DSC leadership, DSC membership at large and the Under 70 Cohort have been established. Affinity groups on topics of interest and building an accessible database are well underway.  The next step is to plan for cross congregational futuring conversations within the DSC.

    There is a common sense of urgency about this next step as some congregations have already begun to move in a direction of commissary or fulfillment of mission. We all seek to co-create a preferred future, so that these uncertain times do not undermine our ability to choose. There is a strong shared commitment among members of the Cohort to ensuring the Dominican charism endures as it evolves. A bold question that was asked on the Open Space Night is what the charism will look like if there are no congregations of vowed religious women.

    We know that economics in the global market will have an impact on the future of individual congregations and the Dominican Order worldwide. Some of those factors are alarming to say the least.  Whatever happens in the future we want our way of life to include service, prayer together, community (however defined) and study. Whether or not the road ahead is leading to unity via a kind of merger or cooperative union, honest, open, and caring relationships across congregations and beyond are vital to fostering realistic hope for the future. 

    One aspect of the conversation that needs compassionate listening and respectful dialogue is what we see happening or not happening with our congregational associates. Governance structures for the future also need discussion. Seeking a common theological stance and shared understanding of vowed Dominican life are also important parts of the conversation.  his month the FLT is drafting a process for opening up these futuring conversations with the Under 70 Cohort in late spring.  Ideas from the DSC leadership and members at large are welcome at

    Your Sisters,

    Pat Magee (Hope), Lorraine Reaume (Adrian), Kathleen Tait (Springfield), Mai-dung Nguyen (Peace), Donna Moses (Mission San Jose), and Carol Dempsey (Caldwell)

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