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Dominican Charism Initiative

How do we pass on the Dominican charism at this crucial moment in our history?

How do we create new, relevant expressions of the Dominican charism to ensure its ongoing vitality through the formation of present and future generations of sisters and lay partners?

These questions are the driving work of the Dominican Charism Initiative. Dominican sisters, friars, nuns, laity, associates and members of the Dominican Youth Movement from around the globe have contributed to making this initiative come to life.

The Dominican Charism Initiative is a web-based learning platform for the Dominican Charism. It offers the opportunity for members of the Dominican family and lay partners to learn the foundational elements of Dominican life and mission. Through a variety of presentations and reflection questions, each of the 7 modules offer instruction to deepen your understanding of and excitement for being Dominican.

We invite you to experience this charism in light of contemporary culture, global reality, and the breadth of Dominican spirituality. To learn more visit:

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