Dominican Sisters Conference

Standing as a clear voice for truth, justice, and peace.


  • twowaysign

    “On the Road to Truth, Find a Two-way Sign”

    By Margaret Galiardi, OP. “Get out your old state driver’s manual, the one that helped you to prepare for the written driving test before you ever got behind the wheel. Turn to the section on road signs and find the sign for two-way traffic. It may just be what’s needed to help you negotiate what’s […]

  • lie-truth

    “Discovery of Truth Takes Hard Work”

    By Ruth Droege, OP. “In his novel Winesburg, Ohio, Sherwood Anderson titled the first chapter ‘The Book of the Grotesque.’ Here, he writes that whenever a person takes truth as his or her own truth, he or she becomes grotesque, and the truth becomes a falsehood […]

  • logo_circle

    DSC Leadership Meeting, October 4 to October 6, 2017

    The DSC Leadership meeting will be held from October 4 to October 6, 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Elected Leaders’ Meeting will begin on Wednesday, October 4th at about 7 PM, and finish on Friday, October  6th at about 6:30 PM – after Eucharist. Collaboration and Meetings Alliance Meeting on Wednesday, October 4, from 12:30 […]

  • search-truth

    “Searching for Truth”

    By Elaine Jahrsdoerfer, OP. “In the early days of television there was a game show called “To Tell the Truth.” In the game, three people claimed to be a certain person, and the panel questioned them to find out which one was telling the truth […]

  • truth-wordle

    “Preaching truth today: What does it require?”

    By Carol Dempsey, OP. “Preaching truth is needed now as much as it was in the time of the ancient biblical prophets who had to deal with many of the same political, social, economic and religious challenges that people face today in a 21st-century […]

  • truth-lies

    “Truth you can see”

    By Barbara Kane, OP. “I’ve been struggling with the concept of truth for some time now. And in today’s political climate, I’m not the only one. Truth seems to be such a dicey concept. Do you remember the dress that some saw as blue and black and others saw as gold and white? It surfaced […]

Dominican Sisters Conference


Standing as a clear voice
for truth, justice, and peace.